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About Me

Lacresia is a Certified Internal Auditor, Financial Role Model, and unabashed thrifty spender. While she loves the idea of saving a dollar, her love for all things lavish still runs deep.  Luckily, she’s found a way to make things work! Lavish and Thrifty, now an LLC, started as a blog back in 2017.  Initially, the site was a place for Lacresia to share about her personal finances and lavish experiences.  It later developed into a resource for an audience eager to learn how to live a lavish lifestyle on a thrifty budget.

Lacresia’s relationship with money started as a teenager working at her cousin’s hair salon shampooing hair.  There, she began to understand the importance of saving and budgeting.  After losing her job a few years ago, and bouncing back, Lacresia’s experience with money has made her a sought-after expert. 

As a Financial Role Model, her goal is to empower the next generation with practical money skills while encouraging them to make healthy and confident financial choices.  She hopes this will ultimately allow them to plan for their future, spend wisely, and manage life’s most challenging events while living their best life.  Her motto is simple: “If you stay ready you ain’t got to get ready.”

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