Are you tired of the paycheck to paycheck cycle and need guidance creating a solid financial strategy, so you can stop stressing and start living?


If the answer is yes, then my one on one Financial Consultation is where you start!!!


As your Financial Role Model and Coach, my focus is to help you create a solid financial plan in order for you to start living your best life!!!


My Financial Consultation service may consist of a review of new or existing concerns that may have an impact on your financial situation. I will give you my recommendations and strategies that I live by and follow daily. You will be able to use these tips and techniques right away.


Your consultation may include:

  • Creating the right money mindset 

  • Understanding your habits related to money

  • Making your money work for you

  • Building a better budget

  • Understanding your debt & how you got there

  • Developing a solid debt elimination plan

  • Knowing how to distribute your money

  • Savings & investing in yourself

  • Spending Wisely

  • Relationships and Money

  • Other concerns related to your life and money as necessary

I realize that life is challenging right now as we're in the middle of a global Coronavirus crisis, an economic crisis, and a racial pandemic. In the midst of everything going on around us you can still change your story and start the healing process and be well on your way to living the life you desire! To schedule a consultation with me click here


I can't wait to help you along your journey to freedom! Talk to you soon! 




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