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Financial Consultation

Are you a Bag Seeker and need guidance creating a solid financial strategy, so you can start living your best life?


Then my one on one Financial Consultation is where you start!!!


As your Financial Coach, my focus is to help you create a solid financial plan

in-order for you to start living Lavish and enjoying your best life!!!


In our initial one on one I offer a one-time financial consultation, we will focus on addressing your major personal finance concerns which covers mutually agreed upon areas of concern related to financial planning. My Financial Consultation service may consist of a review of new or existing concerns that may have an impact on your financial situation. I will give you my recommendations and strategies that I live by and follow daily. You will be able to use these tips and techniques right away.


Consultation may include:

  • Consultation approximately 1.5 hrs.

  • Consultations are conducted In-person, Phone, or Skype

  • Understanding your debt & how you got there

  • Creating the right money mindset money

  • Knowing how to distribute your money

  • Making your money work for you

  • Developing a solid debt elimination plan

  • Building a better Budget

  • Savings & investing in yourself

  • Spending Wisely

MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 560471 Charlotte​, NC 28258


For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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Certified Financial Education Instructor

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