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My Lavish Rose Gold Bridal Shower

Things have been very busy in my world lately! If you’re new here or you haven’t been following me for very long, I’m getting married this fall and I just had my Bridal Shower on August 28, 2021! I got so many compliments on the shower from my guests and through social media that I decided I had to post a blog ASAP! Here are the answers to some of the most common questions I got on my Bridal Shower.

Was it really Lavish and Thrifty?

Duh! You already know that I don’t do anything lavish without the thrift because your girl has goals! I know you’re thinking things looked more lavish than thrifty, but that’s the goal. There are two types of people in this world: people who spend lots of money and you can’t even tell and then there’s people like me who spend wisely, live lavish! Always go for the latter.

Your Venue was beautiful! How did you find it?

It’s simple…I know people! Or I know people that know people! My mom had actually gone to a birthday party at the same venue a couple years ago, so it was totally her suggestion. My bridal shower was at a clubhouse in someone’s neighborhood on a lake. The thing about renting a clubhouse is that you normally have to know someone who lives in the neighborhood. For that reason, I won’t be putting the location in this blog. Let’s just say, I’m thankful for our family friend who was so gracious enough to rent the clubhouse for us for a small fee!

How did you pick your theme and color scheme?

Theme? Is that what you call it? I call it finding some cute decorations and then going for it. I didn’t know that my colors were going to be rose gold/blush pink until I found the prettiest rose gold balloon arch in the open box store for $7. Then as I kept going back to the open box store week after week, I found more and more rose gold decorations. I spent less than $30 on decorations. My sister purchased some of the larger balloons from Amazon. Luckily, because of the venue, we did not have to buy a lot of decorations. The clubhouse was already lavish by itself!

Who Decorated? Did you have to Hire an Event Planner?

I did not hire an event planner. As I told you above, the clubhouse was already gorgeous on its own, so a lot of extra decoration was not needed. There were a couple of us that put the decorations up the morning of the Bridal Shower. The hardest part was putting up the balloon arch. Blowing up the balloons for the arch was really easy and only took about 45 min at the max using about three electric balloon pumps that I purchased from the open box store for about $5 each. The arch took a little over two hours because none of us knew what we were doing. By the time I got back to the clubhouse from getting my makeup done, they had figured it all out and it was beautiful! THRIFTY TIP: I heard that it costs about $200 - $300 to get someone to put up a balloon arch for you. If you have a little bit of time and can watch a few YouTube videos, you can honestly get it done yourself! Feel free to pay for convenience if you like. In this case none of us were willing to pay to have someone put it up, especially since it only cost me $7.

Did you Hire a Caterer?

I certainly did! Listen, hiring a caterer was not necessarily something that I wanted to do since I come from a family of cooks. However, for this one day I wanted my family to sit back and relax and enjoy celebrating this special time in my life! I hired Black Moon Catering! She’s so amazing that she does not even have a website. Her business has been operating for years by word of mouth. That says a whole lot! I had the caterer’s food one-time last year and never forgot how it tasted; with every bite I tasted the love that it was made with! When I hired her, I thought she was just going to prepare the food and come there to set it up. She actually had a team to come in the morning of the bridal shower to decorate the kitchen. Y’all there was a whole wedding dress in the kitchen! Her team did not come to play! The food was also amazing as I expected! I won’t tell you the cost of the catering service, because what it cost was tailored specifically for me and my event! I’ll just let you know that I paid her more than what she asked because she exceeded my expectations! Make sure you book Black Moon Catering for your next event!

Where were the cake and cupcakes from?

The cupcakes were amazing! They were from Sams Club. We got two dozen for $15. My sister purchased the cake toppers separately! The caterer used the cupcakes on their wedding display on the island in the kitchen! The cake was from the one and only Mixing Bowl! I highly recommend them! It tasted amazing and looked amazing as well!


Everything was not paid for by me! The Bridal Shower was actually hosted by my two Maid of Honors which is my sister and one of my really good child hood friends. So the three of us shared the cost of the bridal shower and everything came together so beautifully! Oh and a special shout out to my fiancé for coming through and making the pink punch that had everyone on the dance floor twerking!

Overall I had an amazing time and I’m glad that all of my guests enjoyed themselves as well! We played a couple of games where everyone could get to know my fiancé and I better and lots of people were able to win gifts! I’m so thankful for this time in my life and all of the positive energy!

Next Up…the wedding!

P.S. If you have more detailed questions about my bridal shower or the whole wedding process in general, please feel free to comment below! I’m an open book!


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