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National All or Nothing Day - Carpe Diem

Well if you don’t know already, let me be the first to tell you that today is National All or Nothing Day (July 26th). All week I’ve had a chance to really reflect on my current position in life and I had to ask myself, am I really giving all that I have so that I can get the things I want out of life? I know you may have to constantly ask yourself the same thing, so just know that you are not alone. National All or Nothing Day is all about setting the expectation high for yourself and really going after your goals no matter what it takes! In other words Carpe Diem as the Romans would say or seize the day! In fact if you follow my YouTube Channel (subscribe at Lacresia Lee, Lavish and Thrifty) you’ll see that every Monday I post videos motivating all my Bag Seekers (followers) to seize the day! It’s key to living your best life!

Below are my top seven (7) ways to seize the day!

1. Change your mind. What you think is what shall be. Control your mind so that you can control your life.

2. Speak what you want to see. Everything that has happened in my life up until this point, I’ve actually manifested it. I used to visit Charlotte, NC regularly for the past 5 or 6 years and I would say “I’m going to live in Charlotte on day”. Well at the end of 2017 the universe aligned with my thoughts and what I was speaking, and I moved to Charlotte, NC.

3. Create a vision for your life. Only you know what you want to happen in your life. I actually created my vision board 3 years ago. I would add to it anytime I wanted to see different things happen.

4. Let go of fear. Faith and fear don’t mix! Fear has killed more dreams than not having the money to pursue the dream ever will. Don’t be scurred (scared) boo! The world is waiting on you!

5. Be committed. Focus on your goals and be consistently working towards them to ensure that they happen when the time is right.

6. Let go of the excuses. One of my favorite excuses prior to starting my business was “I don’t have enough time.” A lot of us actually use this particular excuse daily. I stopped using “not having enough time” as an excuse and I started seeking help. I’m now in the position where I have to delegate tasks to ensure things get done!

7. Post Positive Affirmations. When I was trying to pass the Part III of the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exam after failing twice, I posted a bunch of sticky notes with “600” written on them on my computer screen, at work, and at home; I passed the third time with a 600! I think you should start with this affirmation “I have what it takes”! Post it on your refrigerator and be reminded to feed your mind and your soul!

I bought a magnetic white board just so that I can post positive affirmations weekly!

I know that above list may not be complete for you as far as seizing the day. However, for me the 7 steps listed above help me to feel complete and ensure that I’ve done everything I could do when I go to sleep at night to seize the day. (hence the number 7 for completion). Today I want to challenge you to give your dreams all you got! I don’t care if you just want to go skydiving or mountain climbing. Confront your fears, set a date, round up your crew and go skydiving, mountain climbing or both!! Remember you have what it takes to live your best life! Don’t continue to get in your own way!

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