What is it Co$ting You to Stay Connected??

Let's just face it we need our cellphone devices! Even if we weren't in the middle of a pandemic we would still need our cellphones as a lot of us use our devices not only to stay connected to our love ones, but also to our businesses. But have you ever stopped and considered what exactly it is costing you to stay connected? When is the last time you've audited your cellphone bill to make sure your bill is correct? I know a lot of us are continuously on the move and are thinking as long as I'm able to make a call, send a text or an email, I'm good! I mean I kinda agree but I kinda don't because it's your money we're talking about here!

Last night I got a text from my cellphone provider, T-Mobile, reminding me that our cellphone bill is $343.49 this month! Wait...before you yell at me for not being lavish and thrifty, that bill is for six phone lines and the taxes and fees are included in that price! I know people who pay that for one line or two lines. So here is how we are able to pay so little for our plan:

• One of us on the plan has a pretty decent employer discount! I'm talking about like 20 something percent!

• We are on a family plan! The more the thriftier!

• We are signed up for automatic payments...which saves us about $20 a month!

• The less data we use the more we save...up to $10/month per line!

• There is only one of us who is still paying on a phone. Before you ask, no it isn't me! This is also why all of us do not pay the same amount each month! I'm not paying for anyone else's phone when I OWN mine!

What else is included in the price?

• All of us get Netflix for just $2 a month...total for all 6 of us!

• Unlimited talk, text and 4G data

• Mobile hotspot

• A bunch of international text, voice, and data perks

What I love most is there is no annual service contract! So if we want to leave we are free to go at anytime! If you know anything about me, you know I love my freedom right?!

One more thing before I go! I absolutely love the T-Mobile Tuesday app! There are so many perks and freebies that come with the app! I've gotten free masks, plane pillows, and backpacks just by using the app! Not to mention I've also gotten a couple of free meals as well! We all love to eat...especially when it's free!

Interested in signing up for T-Mobile. Just click here and it will take you to a referral page. Enter my email address to sign-up - cresiaboo@gmail.com and then email me once you're done so I can be sure to share the wealth with you!

Let me know in the comments if you're going to take 30 minutes in the near future to review your cellphone bill! What are you going to negotiate with your service provider to pay less?

~spend wisely, live lavish, stay connected ~

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